Feature highlights

  • Smart tools for static/dynamic formation creation

  • Easy integration of internal or external 3D animations

  • Automatic transitions between formations

  • Simple and smart takeoff in multiple phases

  • Simple and smart return-to-home and landing

Import & Compatibility
  • Modular import of external formations or animation snippets using simple .csv format

  • Optimal sampling of drones onto imported SVG drawings

  • QR code generation based on a simple url

  • Dedicated color animation design tools

  • Wide variety of swarm-level light effects

Event synchronization
  • Transparent storyboard defines the drone show timeline

  • Storyboard and light effects are parametrized for smooth temporal adjustments

  • Easy integration and synchronization with music

  • MIDI Time Code support during drone show execution in Skybrush Live

  • Smooth velocity and acceleration limited path planning

  • Real-time velocity, altitude and proximity checks

  • Integrated visual feedback on real-time safety warnings

  • Interactive, zoomable velocity, altitude and proximity charts

Export & Compatibility
  • Compatible with Skybrush Viewer (standalone interactive 3D preview with music, verification, VR and cloud/browser support for easy and clean client previews)

  • Compatible with Skybrush Live for professional drone show management (2D map, 3D view, list view, compressed view, individual and fleet-level details and checks, RTK support, geofence, auto mapping and a lot more)

  • Shows can be exported in Skybrush compiled show format (preferred) or as sampled positions and RGB colors with a fixed FPS in CSV format for further post-processing with external tools

  • Shows can also be exported into most of the known drone show formats on the market