Display Settings

Display settings

set light mode or dark mode depending on external light conditions

Coordinate format

Setup how GPS coordinates should appear in the system

Map widgets

Show mouse coordinates

Show or hide the GPS coordinate corresponding to the mouse coordinate when hovering over the map

Show scale line

Show or hide the scale line on the map

Flat Earth coordinate system


Set the type of the relative coordinate system used on the map. Possible values are NEU (North-East-Up) and NWU (North-West-Up), these correspond to left- and right-handed relative coordinate systems with the positive x axis pointing towards North.

Map origin

Set the absolute origin of the relative coordinate system on the map. Values for latitude and longitude are expected in degrees.


Set the rotation of the X+ axis of the relative coordinate system relative to North, in positive direction.


Enhance contrast on dark mode LCD clocks

On some displays the simulated background light of the Clocks panel is disturbing. You can switch it off by enabling this checkbox.

Enable experimental features

Advanced feature to show experimental features