Broadcast mode

Broadcast icon

The Broadcast mode widget allows you to send control commands temporarily to all drones with broadcast-type messages instead of the usual direct addressing of selected drones only.

This functionality can be important in some special cases, like flashing or halting all drones, switching all motors on or off, or handling emergency situations quickly with global swarm-level return-to-home or land commands.

Clicking on the broadcast widget button will enable broadcast mode for 5 seconds (active state is indicated with a yellow marker on the widget icon). The broadcast toggle automatically switches back to unicast mode after five seconds to prevent you from accidentally triggering a command on all drones when you do not intend to do so.

Broadcast icon with remaining time

The remaining time of broadcast mode within its 5 seconds is also made visible by the yellow background status bar of the widget.

Broadcast mode can be switched on and off with the Ctrl-B hotkey as well.