Upload your mission to the drones

Next, press the Upload show data checklist item to upload your show content to your drones.

Upload show data

On the upload popup dialog window, drones are organized into rows of 10 according to their show ID (e.g. s1-10, as shown on the left of the dialog window), while individual icons of drones show their drone ID.

Press the START button at the bottom of the window to upload the show to all drones.

If you wish to upload to only specific drones, you can select them by clicking on their ID icon once (and deselect by clicking again). You can also select a full row by clicking on the group descriptor on the left. Selected drones will be moved to the waiting state (their icon will turn blue).

If there are drones in the waiting state, the START button will turn into START SELECTED, and will upload show data only to the selected drones.

Upload show

The upload process can take some time depending on the number of drones you use and the strength and quality of the wifi connection to the drones. The overall progress is indicated by the progress bar in the middle of the window, while individual status of each drone is indicated by the color of its icon:

  • blue - waiting

  • yellow - in progress

  • green - successful

  • red - failed

You can retry failed drones automatically by enabling the Retry failed uploads automatically checkbox at the bottom left of the dialog window.

If you enable the Flash lights of UAVs where the upload failed checkbox, drones on which upload starts again after a failure will be visible on the field with automatic white flashes.

If you move your cursor over the upload status pill of an UAV with upload failure, you will get details about that specific failure in the appearing tooltip.

The upload finishes successfully if all icons turn green. In this case you can proceed to the next step by closing the upload dialog window.

You can close and reopen the upload window during upload any time, in this case the progress bar will appear on the Upload show data button of the show control panel to show the overall progress of the upload process.