Server connection


The Server connection widget lets you configure the way Skybrush Live is connected to its backend, Skybrush Server.

Skybrush Server is needed as an intermediate layer between Skybrush Live and the UAVs, RTK base stations and other peripherals.

Skybrush Server runs in the background and can serve several client devices on a local or global network running Skybrush Live. This means that the same UAVs can be reached from multiple users simultaneously, with shared or partitioned responsibilities according to user authentication.

In the Server connection widget you can select between automatic detection or manual setup. In case of manual setup you need to define the URL, port and type of the connection to the Skybrush Server.

The color of the LED indicator on the widget icon shows you the actual status of Skybrush Server. It is green if the connection is OK, yellow on some warnings or initialization and red in case of disconnected state.

Move the cursor over the Server connection widget to display its tooltip with the following status information:

  • Server connection status

  • Server version

  • Server clock sync status

  • Round trip time

Server connection tooptip