Setup your communication network

Communication with Crazyflie drones is done through the standard Crazyradio dongle. However, some basic settings need to be tuned for Skybrush compatibility. Before using Skybrush, make sure you setup the followings and double chech that you can still communicate with Crazyflie through the official CFClient.


The default address for Crazyflie drones is E7E7E7E7E7. Skybrush Live is configured to scan the address range from E7E7E7E701 to E7E7E7E73F, so you need to select a unique address for each of your drones from this range (if you need to work with more than 64 drones, please contact us).

write your IDs (last byte of the address) on the surface of your drones as well with a permanent marker to be able to identify individual drones easily based on the address.


The default communication channel is 80. If you wish to use a different one, please set it up in your Skybrush Server configuration file.


The recommended bitrate for the communication is 2M.