Setup hardware for indoor drone shows

In this tutorial you will learn how to setup your drone fleet and hardware accessories to prepare for an indoor drone show using the Skybrush Suite.

At this point we assume the followings:

  • You have purchased your show drones and basic accessories (this tutorial assumes you are working with the Crazyflie system)

  • You have some kind of a positioning system (UWB, Lighthouse, MoCap)

  • You have a single laptop that can run Skybrush Server and Skybrush Live in a package, or you have received our dedicated Skybrush Server hardware device and Skybrush Live software independently.

  • You have received our pre-compiled Crazyflie firmware for your show drones or you downloaded the code of the firmware from our forked Crazyflie repo on GitHub and compiled yourself.

Let’s start!

Use the Next button at the bottom right corner of the actual page to navigate to the next task in the tutorial!