Objects on the Map are organized onto layers. The Layers panel is responsible for adding new layers or removing existing ones, changing the order of layers or adjusting layer parameters.

Layers panel

The Layers panel lists the currently active layers in an order as they appear on the map (top of list is also the top layer on the map). Push the Add new layer button to add a new layer to the beginning of the list.

Layers panel add new layer

Click on any individual layer to change its properties. To change a layer’s position in the layer order, push the triangular arrows at the bottom of the layer property window.

Details on the currently available layer types are listed below.

Base layer

Select the source of the map tiles as the base map.

Layers panel base map

The default installation of Skybrush Live includes only free base maps to avoid licensing issues; contact us if you would like to use a map provider that has licensing restrictions. We can make additional map providers available for you after signing a statement that you understand the licensing restrictions and you are compliant with the licensing requirements of the map provider.

Tile server

Select a custom WMS, XYZ or TileCache tile server for your map tiles.

Layers panel tile server


Show graticule (grid lines) on the map.

Layers panel graticule


Show geometric shapes on the map, such as a geofence.

Layers panel features


Adds a custom static image to the map, such as a detailed ortophoto of the mission area or a map of the show room for indoor drone shows.

Layers panel image


Show drones (UAVs).

Layers panel UAVs

Since map terrain color is not known in advance, you can also change UAV label colors here to enhance visibility.


Show beacons (if applicable).

Layers panel beacons

Docking stations

Show docking stations (if applicable).

Layers panel docking stations

UAV trace

Show the recent trajectory of UAVs as a tail/trace.

Layers panel UAV trace

Since map terrain color is not known in advance, you can also change UAV trace colors here to enhance visibility.

Mission info

Show map origin and orientation, individual takeoff and landing positions, assigned mission trajectories or the convex hull of all mission trajectories.

Layers panel mission info

Own location

Show approximate location of the computer running Skybrush Live (OS-level geolocation service needed).

Layers panel own location

GeoJSON layer

Add a custom geometric object from a GeoJSON file.

Layers panel geojson

Besides raw GeoJSON data, you can also change general color and width properties of GeoJSON objects.


Add real-time measurement visualization (if applicable) from drones equipped with supported measurement devices.

Layers panel heatmap