The Preferences widget enables you to setup Skybrush Sidekick according to your custom needs.

Choose the group of settings on the header of the popup dialog window (DISPLAY, COMMANDS, SERVER) and setup parameters as you wish.

Display preferences

Display preferences

set light mode or dark mode depending on external light conditions

Visible UAV IDs

Setup the list of IDs to appear on the main screen. Use ranges or individual values between 1 and 255.

Command preferences

Commands preferences

Command repetition

Repeat every command

Enable to send every command several times in a row

Repeat count

This value defines how many times each command is sent

Delay between attempts

This value defines the delay between the repetitions


In this section you can customize confirmations when sending commands to individual drones or broadcasting them to all drones.

Enabled confirmations raise the safety of GCS usage by potentially preventing an accidental execution of a command, but at the same time they also increase the reaction time of the control personnel in situations to be handled from the GCS.

Server preferences

server settings

Skybrush Sidekick can receive telemetry data from the drones through Skybrush Server. The settings in this panel (hostname and port) control where Skybrush Sidekick is looking for the server on the net to communicate with.

The LED indicator in the bottom left corner shows the status of the connection to Skybrush Server.

To connect to Skybrush Server with the given settings, press the CONNECT button.

To save the desired configuration, press the SAVE button.