Drone ID

The drone ID is a fixed unique physical ID that allows the permanent identification of the drone in the swarm. In ArduCopter based drones it is the MAVLink system ID stored in the SYSID_THISMAV parameter.

Flight mode

The low level firmware of the drones provides different flight modes, which determine the overall behaviour of the drones. Such flight modes are position hold, return to home, land, or show (which is our custom mode for executing drone shows).


Ground control station


The communication protocol used by drones and radio modules operated with the ArduCopter firmware. See more at

Physical ID

See Drone ID.


Return to home


Real-time kinematic (positioning)

Show flight mode

The custom flight mode in which drone shows are executed.

Skybrush Server

Skybrush Server is the backend part of Skybrush that connects to your drones, your RTK base station and other hardware accessories that might be needed for your missions. It ensures the smooth communication between all hardware elements and the connected Skybrush Live or Skybrush Sidekick clients. Skybrush Server is either running on the same computer as one of the clients or on a dedicated local HW device or in the cloud.