Light Status Codes

The following table summarizes the different light codes emitted by the LED module of show drones according to their current status.

Different base colors have different general meaning:

  • red - errors

  • yellow - warnings (preparations are in progress before takeoff)

  • blue - system is almost ready

  • green - system is ready

  • orange - RTL or landing

  • purple - compass is calibrating

In general, flashes indicate something that needs attention, rapid flashes indicate danger (e.g., motors running or may start soon).

The table below gives the full list of possible light patterns and their meaning.

Table 1. Light Status Codes
Pattern Description

White, blinking rapidly

The "flash lights" button is pressed on the GCS to visually identify individual drones within the flock. This signal will disappear automatically after a few seconds

Purple, pulsating slowly

Compass calibration in progress

Yellow, blinking

Drone is on the ground, prearm checks are not yet passed (any mode other than SHOW).

Yellow, pulsating slowly

Drone is on the ground, prearm checks are not yet passed (SHOW mode).

Light blue, pulsating slowly

Drone has passed all prearm checks in SHOW mode but it is not yet authorized to take off.

Dim green, pulsating slowly

Drone is ready to take off in SHOW mode (prearm checks passed, authorized to take off), but there is more than 10s until planned show start and motors are not running yet.

Green, blinking rapidly

Drone is about to take off (within 10s in SHOW mode, or with motors already running but still on ground in any mode).

Preprogrammed light sequence

Drone is playing its light show in SHOW mode.

Red, blinking

Autopilot error

Dim white

Drone is airborne in any flight mode other than RTL, LAND or SHOW

Orange, blinking

Drone is airborne in return to launch (RTL) mode

Orange, solid

Drone is airborne in LAND mode

Orange, blinking rapidly

Drone is on the ground with motors running in LAND mode

Dim green

Drone has landed successfully after the show in SHOW mode.