Feature highlights

  • Our mindset is based on decade long world-leading drone swarm research plus drone show services since 2015

  • We only sell software that we test and use actively ourselves

  • Skybrush Suite and our professional team guides you through the whole process of drone shows from design to execution and beyond

  • Platform-independent modular design - Linux, macOS, Windows 10 and cloud/browser based versions available

  • Multiple device types supported: desktops, laptops, touch screens, mobile devices

  • Server-client architecture for flexible support of customer needs

  • Integrated or standalone (dedicated HW) Skybrush Server acts as a meta layer between multiple drone types, HW accessories (RTK base station, wifi router, MTC etc.) and Skybrush Live

  • Multiple clients available with user-level rights, authentication and shared responsibilities in large shows

Drone compatibility
  • Latest stable ArduCopter codebase with dedicated show flight mode

  • Compatible with most of the show drones built on autopilots of the Pixhawk family

  • Crazyflie and LuminuousBee support for indoor drone shows

  • DJI Matrice series support for non-show applications on request

  • CollMot’s FlockCtrl support for onboard swarm level intelligence (e.g. automatic swarm-level path planning and collision avoidance)

  • Modular and clean structure enables simple integration of new drone types upon request

Event integration
  • MIDI Time Code support

  • Open Sound Control interface

  • Integrated clock tools for time synchronization

  • Easy drone show synchronization on event timing

  • Clean GUI with mouse and touch screen support

  • Flexible layout with resizable and movable panels

  • 2D Map view, 3D view, UAV list view, compressed view

Dedicated features
  • Show control panel guides you through the entire workflow as an automated checklist

  • Integrated user-defined pre-flight checklists

  • Automated mapping between show trajectories and drones

  • Simple configuration of show to fit venue

  • Smart swarm-level geofence

  • Plug-and-play installation for supported accessories (e.g., uBlox-based RTK base stations)

  • Automatic connection to Skybrush Server

  • Automatic connection recovery in case of failures

  • Integrated RTK client for your base station with self-surveying functionality

  • MIDI Time Code support with clock view and clock synchronization

  • Individual and swarm level preflight check support

  • Automatic or manual geofence with easy setup parameters

  • Multiple (encrypted) communication channel support

  • Software + remote controller and software-only control modes are both supported

  • Multiple levels of drone show verification in Skybrush Studio and Skybrush Viewer

  • Individual and fleet-level control features (including intelligent return to home with drones that support that)

  • Operator can interrupt show any time with fleet-level Land / Return-to-home / Halt (kill switch) buttons

  • Safety fallback control using a secondary radio link and independent hardware through Skybrush Sidekick.