Setup general autopilot parameters

After the firmware has been uploaded, you will need to setup both standard and custom ArduCopter parameters. You can use your standard tools for this using Mission Planner or any other ArduCopter-compatible software. Or, you can also use Skybrush Live itself.

The list of available custom ArduCopter parameters defined for the new SHOW flight mode are listed in the Appendix. The most important ones are also detailed in the following sections of this tutorial.

The following standard ArduCopter parameters are also need to be checked and set up properly.

We require to use MAVLink 2 protocol instead of MAVLink 1 in all serial channels where MAVLink is used:


where x is the number of the channel you configure.

MAVLink 2 is required for the serial wifi channel and for MAVLink-driven LED support, too.

To disable excess communication on the wifi channel, please disable all unwanted messages:

SRx_* 0

where x should be the number of the serial channel of your wifi connection.

Please note that Mission Planner and other GCS softwares tend to change these parameters permanently without notice, which might result in bandwidth shortage if many drones are used.